Color Combinations for T-Shirt Design

Color Combinations for T-Shirt Design

If you’re having your designs printed onto t-shirts, you need to consider the colour combinations you will be using because this is one of the most important aspects that will impact the overall appearance of your shirts. There are so many options available when it comes to ink and shirt colours, which can make the process feel overwhelming but it is important that you do not rush the process so that you end up with results you love.

If you’re struggling with this aspect, the following colour combinations will provide you with some inspiration and help with your final decision:

Red and white
This combination works every time because it helps designs stand out. A strong contrast is always ideal because it will make all of the delicate details visible, so a bright shade of red printed on white apparel is a great choice as is white ink printed on a dark shirt because both options will allow the design to pop.

Green and gray
This is a unique combination that will provide you with awesome results. Green ink on gray clothing is a popular choice and you can choose earthy green tones, teal or any other shade of green because they all work well with gray clothing.

Blue and white
This is one of the most popular colour combinations and a lot of people gravitate towards this option because of the effects these colours provide. Blue is a neutral colour that is also very calming and combining it with white makes for the perfect colour palette.

Blue and yellow
This is another popular combination and these colours work very well together. Yellow tones are warm and when they are combined with cool blues, the effect is wonderful and will provide you with a neutral design that is perfectly balanced. You can even use different shades of yellow and blue to create a design that is even more complimentary.

Maroon and white
This is a favourite because of the high contrast these colours provide. This combination pairs extremely well together because white designs will really stand out when placed on maroon clothing and delicate aspects will really pop. The design will be perfectly visible and legible, so this is a great combination to consider.

Blue and gray
If you’re looking for something that can provide you with a lot of options, then this is the answer because there are so many different hues of blues and grays. There are also a ton of shirt colours to choose from because of the different types of blue and gray shades, so the possibilities are truly endless with this colour combination.
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