Screen Printing vs Embroidery

Screen Printing vs Embroidery

When it comes to adding logos to clothing and apparel, there are two methods you can consider, including embroidery and screen printing. The following guide will break down the differences and provide you with the right information to help with your decision so that you can select the method that best suits your needs.
If you choose to go with embroidery, your logo will be reproduced by stitching the threads directly into the fabric. The stitching process itself is fully automatic and completed by computerized embroidery machines. Your logo can generally use up to 15 thread colours and the first step is digitizing, which is the creation of a program for your logo. Once your program file is complete, it can then be uploaded to the embroidery machine, which will instruct what to stitch.

If you choose to go with screen printing, your logo will be reproduced by squeezing inks directly onto your garments through mesh screens. Designs with a lot of colour will cost more because a separate mesh screen is required for each colour in your logo. Similar to embroidery, the screen printing process is partly automated; however, the garments are individually loaded and unloaded by an operator, and once the print is complete, each garment will then travel through a tunnel dryer to cure or set the print.

There are two main factors that will affect your decision; the first is the cost, while the second is which method will look better. The price will depend on the complexity of your logo as well as the quantity of garments you require and generally, embroidery is cheaper for smaller sized logos and smaller quantities as well as for logos that have multiple colours. Screen printing is often the cheaper option when it comes to large designs and logos, so it really depends on your design, the number of colours you want and the quantity of garments you require, as these factors will determine how expensive or cost-effective each method will be.

Your decision will also have to be based on which method will give you the best results and this will depend on the garments being decorated. Screen printing is better suited for t-shirts and lightweight garments as embroidery can be heavy for garments of this nature, which will cause your logo to fold because the stitching may create too much tension. Screen printing is generally better for larger logos and designs and is ideal for t-shirts because they have a large decorating surface on both the front and back.
Artee Screen Printing can help with your decision because we offer both methods and high-quality prints. Come and visit us today and we will make sure you love the final results!

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